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Power Quality and Surge Protection

protect equipment investment and lower power consumption

What Is Power Quality

Power quality is basically how clean and stable the electrical power supply in your home, your business, or industrial structure is. To keep everything running smooth you should ideally have access to a power supply that is clean and noise-free, always within voltage and frequency tolerance.

The root of the problem is many power sources do not provide a clean source of power. This power can also fluctuate in voltage and frequency. This can be a major problem for many businesses, industrial and manufacturing facilities that rely on computers to run. Consider the critical power needed by data centers where computer networks and servers demand clean power to operate 24 hours a day – seven days a week. Even starting and stoping equipment, cycling processors and many other normal operations can cause a power wave to fluctuate.

Why Is Clean Power Quality Important?

Poor power quality is quite often overlooked and can lead to higher energy costs and complete down time including reduced production and increased energy consumption. This can also be a problem over time and cause equipment damage including loss of data.

River Pointe Electric can improve your power quality
We can help solve the poor power problem and provide you with solutions that can restore the power waveform instantaneously. This can lower the current consumption and supports changes in load conditions.